Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Omsk: who banned the screening of the rock Opera “Jesus Christ superstar” – Вести.Ru

In Omsk canceled show of the rock Opera “Jesus Christ superstar”. Prohibit the statement demanded that local Orthodox activists, who called the show blasphemous. But officials from the regional Ministry of culture claim that the distributors he refused to show — for commercial reasons.

From Broadway to Omsk. In 46 years of its existence, the rock Opera “Jesus Christ Superstar” was staged over a thousand times, more than one hundred sites around the world. For the first time, she was introduced in 1989 on the stage and Aviator in the town of Rybinsk. Since then, every time she tore ovation, the Russian audience, but for some reason in Omsk, two weeks before the premiere, the local Orthodox activists saw in the musical blasphemy.

“Rock-Opera “Jesus Christ superstar” in its story is a continuous blasphemy and violation of sacred meanings; it contains, mockery of faith and blasphemy against the Holy images, that is direct blasphemy, and even the very title of the play is a mockery of the sacred concepts” — a quote from the site semlot.ru.

Remove the legendary Opera from the repertoire of local theaters, representatives of the movement “Family, Love, Fatherland” demanded a year ago. But then to these protests, the public has turned a deaf ear, with the notice met the performance on the stage of the Omsk Philharmonic.

“I was in Omsk last year with this performance, but worked on another site, on the site Philharmonic. There was a sale of 75-80 percent, just screaming in the hall, was well received. This show we have been working for 30 years, the performance level and quality are very good and high We have traveled all over the country” — said the Director of the theater “Rock Opera”.

this year, activists went further, writing an appeal to the Governor, the attorney General and the Ministry of culture, after which the staging, which this time had to play on the stage of the Omsk Musical theatre, all canceled. However, officials your participation in this object.

“I can say that the Department of culture no letter not seen. To us it never came. No requests, no recommendations. All the news you are talking about, we learn from the Internet. Just wonder why all the appeal to the Department of culture. Musical theatre — this is not our institution. We do not obey. It is not our Ministry, not our budget”, — said Vladimir Demchenko, acting Director of the Department of culture of Omsk city.

Apparently, fearing to repeat the fate of Maztica, brought to Novosibirsk an Opera of Richard Wagner’s “Tannhauser”, the Director of the platform, on which was held the iconic musical from the troupe of the St. Petersburg theatre Rock Opera, canceled the production itself. Still, the violation of sacred meanings – a very serious accusation. An interesting fact is that Soviet production was blamed, just for the opposite, finding it the promotion of Church values, and the Russian version of the musical even has the blessing of the Russian Orthodox Church. That is why last year at the request of activists of the “Family, Love and Fatherland” Omsk Diocese refused.

“Then a year ago, the Diocese said that it’s impossible for absolutely no claim on our part to present this rock Opera, because it is blessed by Russian Orthodox Church and personally to Patriarch Alexy II is still there God knows, sorry, God knows when. And she in General, is considered canonical,” — said Maxim Kononenko.

Text or script since then has not changed. The production successfully toured throughout Russia. For Omsk public excitement about art, the phenomenon is not rare. In July, through the efforts of Orthodox activists there with the noise removed outright production of “the Dance”, which, however, did not prevent its creators to re-appoint the Prime Minister in November of this year.


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