Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The FBI questioned Jolie about pitt’s quarrel with his son –

employees of the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) asked the actress angelina Jolie and children about the altercation that occurred between her husband brad pitt and 15-year-old son Maddox. About it reports TMZ, citing sources.

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00:11 September 21, 2016

00:26 September 22, 2016

According to the information portal, two agents visited her in her rented house in Malibu (County of Los Angeles) and spent more than three hours. Sources claim that FBI agents are trying to establish the facts and gather the evidence necessary for legal action. In addition, they clarify the details of what happened in the plane after landing in Minnesota for refueling.

September 30 it became known that Jolie and pitt have reached an interim agreement on child custody, the term of which expires on October 20. According to the document, six children handed to the mother. As reported by People, the father managed twice to see them, but Maddox at the meetings was not. The fate of the children will be decided in court. The actors communicate through lawyers and both visit shrinks.

19 Sep Angelina Jolie has filed for divorce from brad pitt. This step she explained to irreconcilable differences and complained about how her husband copes with his father’s duties. According to media reports, a week earlier aboard a private plane, the actor began to insult his kids and hit the Maddox. Presumably, pitt was drunk.

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00:09 10 October 2016

Angelina Jolie

Subsequently, the actor voluntarily went to get tested for drugs and alcohol to show he has nothing to hide regarding the allegations of drug use and alcohol. The test results were negative.

American actor was in a relationship since 2005, married on August 23, 2014. 41-year-old Jolie and 52-year-old pitt have three adopted children: Cambodian Maddox, Vietnamese pax, and Ethiopian girl Zahara. The couple also have three biological children: daughter Shiloh, twins Knox and Vivienne.


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