Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation will consider the request of the theatre “Satyricon” of aid – Interfax

Moscow. 20 Oct. INTERFAX.RU – the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation will consider the letter “Satyricon” with a request for financial assistance to theatre after the state Duma approves the draft Federal budget for 2017. This was reported “Interfax” the Deputy Minister of culture Alexander Zhuravsky on Thursday.

“the Theater “Satyricon” this year received a budget of 44 million 300 thousand rubles, given that due to the reconstruction of the main stage theatre pays for the rent of the site on which now are the performances. With regard to funding for 2017, the budget office is not yet completely approved. A letter to the “Satyricon” we will consider, as soon as the State Duma will approve the draft Federal budget in 2017,” – said Zhuravskii.

“We treat every subordinate institution of the Ministry, know how about all the successes and the problems. And always try as much as possible to help them decide,” he said.

Earlier Wednesday, the head of literary-dramaturgic part of the “Satyricon” Catherine kupreeva told “Interfax” that the Director of the theatre Konstantin Raikin asked the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky with a request for financial assistance. According to her, “Satyricon” is not enough small amounts within the funds allocated by the Ministry for setting of the second play of the season.

Raikin, the Director of “Satyricon” did not announced the amount that the theatre asks the Department.

it is Expected that the theater should enter the renovated theater building, located in the Mar’ina Roshcha, at the beginning of 2018. The reconstruction project at the expense of private investment.


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