Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Writer Zakhar Prilepin will open art “farm” in the suburbs in the fall of 2017 – TASS

MOSCOW, October 12. /TASS/. Creative space in the Moscow suburbs under the name of “hamlet of Zahara prilepina” will open in autumn 2017, told reporters on Wednesday, the writer Zakhar Prilepin.

“in the Fall of 2017, “the village of Zahara prilepina” the first object – hotel, bakery is going to work, and perhaps a bath,” said the writer.

As explained to his Manager Dmitry Kuznetsov, currently the project’s steering Committee is considering three sites for the construction of: two in the Odintsovo district and one in the Istra district of Moscow region.

project Idea

the Writer said that he sees a need to unite the creative forces of the country. “Not only Russian writers from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok, but also our actors, Directors, painters, sculptors live in the vast area of Russia, and the impression that they exist on some ice floes and drifting to God knows where. You need a space where these people can meet, see, speak and, among other things, to work,” said Park. According to him, the idea was born from a one-day festival, which took place a year ago and gathered like – minded patriots.

According to the authors, the project will include three components: cultural-experimental space (meetings with writers, creative workshops and so on), tourist center (hotel) and the business cluster (a space for material initiatives). “The farm” as a creative space will run sessions all year round.

Associates Prilepin

he is already attracted to the project by some Russian cultural figures. “I really liked this idea because I am a big fan of the village of Emir Kusturica (Drvengrad, in Serbia. – TASS). I found it interesting to create a music Studio, where they could sign up the talented young guys,” said musician Alexander F. Sklar.

About the writer

Russian writer and journalist Zakhar Prilepin is the author of five novels – “Pathology”, “Sanka”, “Sin”, “Black monkey” and “Resident,” and several collections of novellas, short stories and essays. Repeatedly became the finalists of the award “Russian Booker”. In 2008, he received the award “national bestseller” a novel in stories “Sin”, which in 2011 the organizing Committee of the award “Super Asbest” was named best book of the decade. In 2014, the writer was awarded the prize “Big book” for the novel “the Monastery”.


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