Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Brad pitt had an affair with a Hollywood actress no less famous than Angelina Jolie – Komsomolskaya Pravda

after his First appearance in public after a long hiatus, brad pitt wowed the fans fit. Although the actor lost a lot of weight, still looks gorgeous. Apparently, not without reason: the British magazine Grazia has published a promising news in the life of an actor has a new love. As has told a source close to the star, 52-year-old actor fell in love with the Hollywood actress, who reciprocated his feelings.

Who is she the new darling of the pitt, an insider said. And only mentions that the actress is not less known and popular all over the world what is still the current wife of brad Angelina Jolie.

a Woman who fell in love brad is my friend. I promised not to reveal her name – said the source. I can only tell you that they really love.

According to the insider, brad and his new girlfriend have been Dating for a month. The name of the mysterious source Grazia it is also not open. However, many suspect that Chris Herzog — pitt’s personal bodyguard.

How far this news is true, we apparently learn over time. But the fact that brad is now one of the most desirable bachelors on the planet, no doubt. About his desire to meet him has publicly stated Hollywood actress Kate Hudson, singer Britney Spears and reality star Kourtney Kardashian, sister of Kim Kardashian. And it is only those, who voiced his desire publicly. And how many more of Hollywood divorcees secretly had his eye on brad and only waiting a convenient opportunity to turn him on?

According to the source, a new friend of brad pitt no less popular than his wife Angelina Jolie.Photo: EAST NEWS

last week it became known that brad pitt has officially dropped the charges of domestic violence. The Los Angeles Department of children and families terminated the investigation against the actor. Now, when the investigation is completed, brad got the chance to defend in court their right to a joint venture with Angelina custody of the children.

Now brad pitt is in the China, where he arrived at the premiere of her new movie “the Allies”. Earlier it was reported that due to a scandalous divorce and the investigation of FBI, the actor has canceled all scheduled interviews and will not participate in the promotional tour of the picture. However, brad decided not to let the team and still joined the promo tour of “Allies”. On 9 November he came to the premiere in LosA., first appeared in public after the news about the divorce. Fans have noticed that brad is no longer wearing a wedding ring (details).

For fans of brad continues to be a piece of cake.Photo: GLOBAL LOOK PRESS

Recall, Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from brad pitt on September 19. In late October, the actress extended sole custody of the children, which she received about a month ago. Pitt is still only allowed “therapeutic visits”: brad will see the kids in a strictly specified hours, meetings will be held under the supervision of a therapist.

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