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“Fantastic beasts”: the next surprise John. Rowling with a double bottom.

In theaters was one of the most anticipated films this year, great attention owing, primarily, the literary canvas, which once led the Englishwoman J. K. Rowling in the vanguard of contemporary children’s and teen literature. And due to the previously conquered Rowling’s literary reputation, entertainment and conservation in General terms, the reliability of her works in the film adaptations, the creation of a new epic on the basis of frankly plotless the book “fantastic creatures and their habitats” (as opposed to the clumsy literal calques English names, to legitimize itself in the Russian hire “Fantastic beasts and where they live”), has caused additional interest. Many fans of the “Harry Potter” all the time eagerly longed again to plunge into the fascinating and multi-faceted magical world where the bizarre blends fiction and reality, sprinkled with interesting characters and exciting adventures. But in reality everything turned out differently.

Speaking about the artistic side of this work, it is necessary to proceed from the fact that we are not talking about the movie based on the book, the story is in every detail at all desire it is impossible to Express in the format of a feature film, and it is a classic – the film according to the script, even written by a professional writer. And yet shocks one-dimensionality of history: its content fully fits in one sentence. It is about the journey of the British magical zoologist newt Scamander in the culturally alien to the United States in the company of various wild creatures, compactly fits into the magic briefcase, which he first loses and then finds a relatively intact, except for a few escaped creatures on their search and leave all the screen time.

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Acting is really extraordinary – Eddie Redmayne transformed into his image even more manifestations of congenital idiosyncrasy a graduate of Eton and Cambridge, than in life, in numerous interviews and public speeches. And even at some point slip the idea that this is the new Doctor Who, an alien from other worlds in humble guise, do not need to search another reincarnation of the venerable Peter Capaldi.

Colin Farrell and jumped like a rabbit from a hat, johnny Depp also did not leave the audience indifferent. The same can be said about the Danny Vogler, convincingly played the hapless Baker Jacob Kowalski. Female characters are also successful, however, in the game many of the fairer sex sharply discernible images that you created earlier more well-known Actresses, in which they tried (consciously or unconsciously) to be similar.

the Birth of monsters and the sleep of reason

Another important feature that causes a sharp rejection, is pronounced by political and ideological bias of the picture (JK Rowling herself admitted it). And we are not talking about the mythical magical world where battles happen, no way inferior in its power of what we can see in the reality around us. We are talking about a specific state, USA who is at a crossroads. Arriving there, Scamander discovers that in America – Oh, miracle! – nearing the time of the presidential election. One of the main favorites is the representative of a family of businessmen and media moguls, and he was looking contemptuously from the top down, and nothing to do with a mixed and rich minorities of the world people and not only.

In this work, the worlds of Muggles and wizards co-exist on an equal footing is absolutely impossible, and let Muggles in this beacon of democracy called “non-mages” still is a term used more knowledgeable in regard to those who are blissfully ignorant about the fact that they are on earth not alone. In addition, they are now a full living in the same city but on different levels, from the casual observer quite quickly there is an understanding as to who actually reigns. What is touted as something for granted.

Who are You, Mr. Scamander?

special mention deserve some replica thrown casually: newt calls himself a seeker, a seeker and a hunter. Indeed, he appears reckless Fisher of men, tricksters dragging those who fall under its charm and enchantment.

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newt is a typical eco-activist, and if you look closely, biodiversity the contents of his own suitcase laboratory for him much more valuable than human life. Through the created image is quite clearly visible features of many adherents of the environmental movement in recent years, in their pure impulses are willing to put millions of people on the brink of survival, but to save, to snatch another piece of nature from the strong grasp of these greedy bipeds.

newt charming, shy, has a bouquet of archetypal disorder of social interaction, the quirkiness of which the whole world adores the Brits on screen, but here he is people do not like it. “The most evil creatures on the planet” – people who are not mages, kill nature. But maybe he still feels for him at least sympathy? Unlikely. At least if he is seriously interested in them only as objects of experiments.

the mother of the gods

a Separate place, as in the other works of JK Rowling, the “Creatures” on the alchemy and the symbolism of this fun science. Newt clearly calls his teacher Paracelsus, the medieval alchemist, and natural philosopher. The newfound companion of newt wears a pendant in the shape of a miniature Golden egg. This symbol with a proper regularity occurs here and there in the Bank of the lost eggs hatch yet harmless feathered creature, and the silver shells of the blue snake have quite a market price in the human world. The egg appears and serves all members a reminder about something what never should be forgotten – not a hint of a myth about the birth of the demiurge, Creator of the universe?

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the headquarters of the wizards definitely causes unpleasant feeling: ukromnoe and stale air of the bunker, frankly frightening of room for official use. Here, even death, can go to a sober mind, separated from your own consciousness in the last moments of life. In the floor of the Assembly hall of the gloomy vigil mounted pentagram, acquiring a frankly sinister connotations in the given circumstances.

These items, along with many others, as, for example, the names of the main characters, are our eyes not a fairy tale, a fiction of the purest water, and it is decorated and consistent symbolic map superimposed on a fairly monotonous and predictable plot twists and turns. One question: why? Why portray children as potential murder weapons? Why manipulate with references to such peculiar subgenre of horror films as a zombie Apocalypse, if high, if the main audience of the film – children, even over 12 years? Perhaps this turn of events is hardly foresee parents who expect a film something similar to harmless beginning the “Harry Potter”.

How Marvel Studios and Warner Bros. friends

With all the variety of visual effects in the “Fantastic creatures” do not get tired to amaze with direct references to the recent marvel release, “Doctor strange”, as exotic to Hollywood British actor in the lead role. And soar into the air, the pavement, and the trick otmuchivaniem time ago, which restored all the destruction without the slightest trace, and the memory of people about the incident completely erased (and why should they remember?), and the protective dome within which there is a fight between the dedicated, invisible or incomprehensible to the human masses, who no matter what can not influence, – all this was shown earlier in a similar project. As a dramatic transformation of the Mord and the answer is in the form of disavowing one of the characters in “Harry Potter Jr.”, named after one of the participants in search of the Holy Grail. Who is bad and who is good, it is impossible to understand, but apparently don’t need: bad guy and good always prescribe. Depending on the circumstances.

If the Marvel universe greatly expands its Pantheon comic book heroes, erecting his superstructure of reality vying on the variety and level of visual and psychological impact cineesophagram events of the world, or that it is not so harmless – with himself, and the “Fantastic creatures” exist not as a continuation of the “Harry Potter”, but as a separate module that is embedded in any similar fictional dimension. In this world of pagan deities, the God-man, the fantastic creatures and things, potentially there is everything your heart desires, and the events covered in this veil of relativism that the dialectic, or, say, Gnosticism seems clumsy Orthodox crafts gone into oblivion of the past. However, behind all this beauty hides the existence of the default status quo between the two worlds of masters and slaves. But it did, the film can endure. I can endure this human consciousness in the long run – that is the question.


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