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In rolling out the film “Fantastic beasts and where they live” – the Russian Newspaper

In rolling out “Fantastic beasts and where they live” David Yates

When in 2011 in rolling out the final film in the Harry Potter series, the bosses at Warner Brothers clearly had mixed feelings. Ended extremely profitable enterprise which has enriched more than a dozen members of the Studio. At Warner Brothers wanted to continue the feast. However, author JK Rowling invented Harry Potter, at first did not plan to use the images from the world of his own, which brought her international fame. She began to Spud a new glade of the English detective story. Her “Casual vacancy” even praised and filmed. However, before the circulation “order of the Phoenix” and “Deathly Hallows” was far and Rowling soon tired of the provincial life of the characters of her detectives.

this year the Grand Dame of British popular literature triumphantly returned to his position. First, came the play “Harry Potter and the cursed child” (Rowling co-written with Jack Thorne) – about the adult Harry Potter had left Hogwarts. Now in rolling out the film by David Yates “Fantastic beasts and where they live”. Rowling heed the wishes of Warner Brothers and wrote the screenplay of the new blockbuster, using the universe of Harry Potter.

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the Most eligible boy in the round glasses is not here. And can not be: the film takes place in 1930. However, its main character newt Salamander (the”Oscar” Eddie Redmayne), an Englishman who studied in his time at Hogwarts, and the character himself has said Dumbledore. In the picture it is told about it in passing, but to remember even an inattentive viewer.

All elements of the Harry Potter universe on the spot – characters at every opportunity, pull out the magic wand and the evil is not so much personal, how much is a bunch of negative black energy. And indeed reigns Gothic-chaste atmosphere of the Victorian school, even though the action takes place in new York for 30 years, and all the characters are long out of puberty.

In America, newt gets to replenish the number of inhabitants of his magic briefcase, which is inhabited by fantastic creatures – the very same creatures posed in the title of the film. Among them stands out a “nuhl”, similar to the mini-platypus with the manners of a crow, kleptomanka: he tries to escape and steals all that glitters. He, in fact, the case of newt and accidentally got to the fat man Jacob Kowalski (Dan fogler), and he let out a few creatures. Those made in new York shaped chaos that is trying to stop local magic organization, headed by a black woman President.

Then, quite “harrypotterfilm” Canon, United the characters in search of an artifact confront the villain, who became a plaything in the hands of Absolute evil. But… the important thing is not that the old scheme works in a new plot frame (why would it not work?), but how easy and effortless movie comes from David Yates.

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Yes, this is the same Yates that put the last four parts of “Harry Potter”, and the field will not plow, and the furrow will not spoil. That is a strong professional, not grabbing the stars from the sky. In “Fantastic beasts” Yates suddenly found new life and made the film, “cleaning” any shot of them parts of the “Harry Potter”.

“Fantastic beasts” was a phenomenally beautiful. In the second act, the action completely stopped for about ten minutes, the characters just running around on the lawns with magical beings – but want it continued and continued. There is a lack of irony and, more importantly, self-irony. Besides, the film Yates does not only clean ride, but with authority and speaks for a variety of reasons, from religious fanaticism to political irresponsibility. The final main theme is the struggle of minorities for their rights – but it is not that primitive recension, which teaches the “right” of the Hollywood mainstream.

Yes, in the third act of “Fantastic beasts” is somewhat muddled (maybe it’s the editing?) – but this, however, does not deprive the picture of the title of one of the most interesting and intelligent blockbusters of the year.


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