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Kate beckinsale: I thought to drink blood from a samovar – Вести.Ru

British actress Kate beckinsale, familiar to audiences for the films “the Flemish Board”, “Much ADO about nothing,” “pearl Harbor” arrived in Moscow to present a new film of the popular franchise “underworld: blood War”. As in the first Thriller, published in 2003-m to year, Beckinsale played the role of vampire warrior Selene. But this time, Celine have to fight not only with werewolves, but also to counter the native clan who betrayed her.

However, at a press conference, the actress told not only about the film. And not only in native English. It turned out that Kate “had studied Russian language at the University of Oxford. We read a lot of Russian classics and the first performance in which I participated, was “the Seagull”, and for me it is very important, because Chekhov is my favourite writer. I like the poetry of Anna Akhmatova and Alexander Blok. A year at University, we studied Dostoevsky”.

- You, dramatic actress, accustomed to this role, was it not a shame to work with a tennis ball instead of the real actors?

- the fact that we tried to shoot in these sets, and I tried to go to the site with live actors. So very few scenes were shot on green screen, we have almost never had this ball. Of course, I prefer to star in adaptation of Jane Austen, but such adaptation is also me suitable.

- if the Film is divided into two parts. On the one hand, it’s a tough action, on the other it came out very emotional. Which part for you was harder dramatic or jumps and tricks?

- of Course, any game scene easier for me episodes with fights with weapons. On the other hand, it is interesting to observe what happens in the end.One of the reasons I did this film, is that there are mixed many components. All the fights, the battles take place not just because they depend on the state of Celine. And she fights only in desperate situations. In this part I play a mother who must protect her daughter from danger. Any mother knows that she is going to do it at any cost.

- Now a lot of films about superheroes. If you had the opportunity, whom would you take to help?

I really like Catwoman. We even have costumes like this, so I think we’d look good together. I like Batman. He’s a real superhero. In General, I wish this was a British person, the British superheroes.

- do you Believe in vampires and werewolves in your life?

- it seems to Me that vampires exist. In the world there are actually a lot of terrible things, so werewolves are out there somewhere. Most likely they live in London, because in London everything is there. But I with them did not have to face. Perhaps they’re afraid of me. I believe in it.

the film’s Director, Anna Forster admits that she really liked working with you.

One of the main reasons why we decided to make a fifth part — we found a good Director, who also liked the idea of the film, this part. And my character. And we had planned to remove it very emotional, where the image of Celine is deeper than in the previous films. Don’t know, would have conceived if the Director was a man. Anna is talented, confident, perceptive. And her ideas I liked.

- In the film you drink blood from a samovar (and really, what else to drink). Whose idea was it with a samovar?

- It was my idea. I wanted the samovar was as a ceremonial object. And remembering about Russian tea from a samovar I decided to use this caveat. To think I came up with, but we have to think how to get a samovar. It turned out that in Czech Republic someone from the film crew lived with the grandmother, and she’s had a real samovar.

for the Sake of filming this movie, you studied in martial arts. And as a child what sports are you fond of?

- In the childhood I was engaged in nothing, basically read the book. I loved to read and read all of your free time. In gym class I was always trying to run away from the ball, not catch it. So I’m not too athletic person. For “Another world” I really did a lot of sports, and I had to meet with many kinds of weapons.

is it true, that you pay attention to your surroundings and superstitious?

Oh, Yes! I always ensure that the right, right foot to step on the plane, always follow the signs.

- Often actors say – I was lucky enough to work with that actor or removed from so-and-so Director. You think in those terms?

- of Course. First is Martin Scorsese. It Director, met with who, never want to leave. In one of my first jobs (I was then 18 years old) from Kenneth Branagh in “Much ADO about nothing” I was found on the Playground with Denzel Washington, Keanu Reeves and Emma Thompson. By the time they were all great, and I was very young and was horrified at the thought that I will have to work with them. Among the great, with whom I worked, of course, and Gabriel Axel (“Prince of Jutland”), Lewis Gilbert (“House of ghosts”) and Jim McBride (“the Flemish Board”). I am very thankful to have worked with them.


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