Saturday, November 19, 2016

Olga Buzova repainted in brunette – Komsomolskaya Pravda

Olga Buzov never revealed the details of his family tragedy. No word on what caused her separation from her husband.

whether a new love Dmitry Tarasov, or the loss of the home, the construction of which was invested together, and the player recorded it on his mother. Which, as they say, Buzova also not particularly good relationship, as often happens between mother-and daughter-in-law.

a Full handshake none of the versions has not yet received. If before Olga Buzova was quite talkative, now costs only hints and sad poems.

When private life was happy, and she was married with the footballer four years, almost every day sharing happiness. And now proud to flaunt a misfortune. Buzova already survived the first bitter days sudden disappointment, and now forging a new life.

yesterday was a blonde. Photo: Instagram< / span>

That took dyed her hair a dark color. And signed the himself brown-haired women:

“the Future belongs to those who breaks down stereotypes, and I look to the future with new eyes”.

Photo dark Buzova gathered alone reviews more than seven thousand and over one hundred and fifty thousand likes.

People wonder how Olga, who always was a blonde, decided to radically change the color. And predict that sooner or later she will again want to be blonde.

His subtly hinted that changes in the image associated with the Breakup. And assured that its not so easy to break. I thought the most important thing in life is to find yourself. Now I realized that to find, this is just the beginning. The most important thing here is not to lose yourself. This to me is not going to happen.”


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