Tuesday, November 15, 2016

“The rock” Dwayne Johnson named the sexiest man 2016 – NEWSru.co.il

November 18, People magazine will announce the name of “the sexiest men of the year 2016″. Says popular website Gossipcop.com this title this year awarded the 44-year-old American wrestler and actor Dwayne Johnson, aka “the Rock”.

Although People did not call until the holder of the title officially, the information is not particularly clear – Gossipcop usually publishes reliable information.

Dwayne Johnson born may 2 1972 in Hayward (California, USA) in a family of well-known wrestler of Soulman rocky Johnson and ATA promoter, Maivia. Her mother is of Polynesian origin and is from Samoa, his father comes from black Novoseltsev. The maternal grandfather high chief Peter Maivia also was a wrestler, and my grandmother Lea Maivia led wrestling promotion for the Polynesian Pacific Pro Wrestling from 1982 to 1988. In childhood Dwayne lived for some time in Auckland (New Zealand) with her mother and family, later moved to Honolulu (Hawaii), where I studied up to grade 11. Before 11th grade my parents moved to Bethlehem (PA), where he attended high school Bethlehem, freedom and began to play football for the school team, and was also a member of the school team in athletics and wrestling. After school he entered the University of Miami, was considered a promising player, but was overshadowed by future NFL star Warren SAPP, who played at the same position. Debuted in the WWF i n 1996 under the name rocky Maivia. The peak of his career in wrestling came in 1999-2000, but Dwayne has appeared in the ring and later, having won many titles.

world glory Johnson brought the film. Over the past 15 years he has appeared in 30 Hollywood movies, having played dozens of leading roles. He appeared in such films as “the Mummy returns”, “the Scorpion King”, “Treasure of the Amazon”, “Doom”, “witch mountain”, “Faster bullet”, “afterburner” (5th to 8th series), “Snitch”, “Hercules”, “Players”, etc.

the Title of “sexiest man” edition of People sets since 1985. The first was Mel Gibson. Later this title was awarded in different years, Sean Connery, Tom cruise, Harrison Ford, Richard Gere, etc. In recent years, the title was given to David Beckham (2015), Chris Hemsworth (2014), Adam Levine (2013), Channing Tatuma (2012), Bradley Cooper (2011), Ryan Reynolds (2010), johnny Depp (2009 and 2003), Hugh Jackman (2008), Matt Damon (2007), George Clooney (2006 and 1997), Matthew McConaughey (2005), The Jude law (2004), Ben Affleck an (2002), Pierce Brosnan (2001), brad pitt (2000 and 1995), and others.


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