Monday, November 14, 2016

The teacher is afraid of provocations against the movie “Matilda” – Version

Director Alexey Uchitel expressed concerns about possible provocations against him of the movie “Matilda”. He said that community activists gave the film notoriety, not even looking at him.

Filmmaker Alexei Uchitel fears of possible provocations against the film “Matilda” before and after its premiere. The teacher noted that the painting is never seen again, but it already formed a very negative opinion. According to the Director, most of those who condemn the film rely on the opinion of people who weren’t even looking.

the Teacher brought up the topic of prohibition of works of art, which often act as a social organization. They, according to the filmmaker, is very aggressive in his opinions, but nobody is paying attention. The teacher believes that such organizations time to bring to some responsibility.

Recall, a heated discussion “Matilda” was provoked by the movement, “king’s cross”, which activists saw the film anti-Russian and anti-religious provocation. Special indignation of the leaders of the organization called the sex scenes with the participation of Nicholas II ballerina Mathilde Kschessinska. Activists point to the lack of evidence for the existence of intimate relations between the Emperor and the artist called these episodes a desecration of Russian Holy.

the letter to the Deputy Natalia Poklonskaya to conduct a review in relation to film Teacher called “insanity”. The Deputy also made harsh criticism pictures, although have not seen it. According to Poklonski, she wants “Mara” movies.

In early November, the representative of the Romanov dynasty in Russia Ivan Artsishevsky stated that she saw nothing offensive or defaming the name of the Emperor. According to him, the Holy ruler made for a Martyr’s death, but in showing the life of the Emperor there is nothing offensive. Among other things, the relationship of Nicholas II and Kshesinskaya are a well-known fact.


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